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What is DU SOL?

Full form of DU SOL: DU SOL is an abbreviated form of Delhi University School of Open Learning, also known as the Department of Distance and Continuing  Education (DDCE). The name suggests it all—it is an open learning institution, an establishment to offer correspondence education at undergraduate and graduate levels in various domains.

History of DU SOL: The school of open learning was established in 1962, and since then it has become a reason for graduation for millions of students. Delhi University SOL proposes numerous courses in arts and humanities, commerce, business and management, library science, and other fields.

Courses offered by DU SOL: Delhi University SOL proposes selective undergraduate and postgraduate degree programms for native Indian and foreign national students. The School of Open Learning have different programms in the following streams: arts and humanities, commerce, business and management, library and science, and so forth.

The top alluring open and distance learning programs at Delhi University SOL that you do not wish to miss out on to reach academic excellence and lay the foundation of expertise are BA, BBA, MBA, and BCom. In order to view the complete list of Delhi University School of Open Learning programs, you may visit the official website sol.du.ac.in

DU SOL Admission 2023

The Department of Distance and Continuing Education, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, has closed the gate for admission to undergraduate-level programs on 31 August 2023. 

The university might extend the last date for enrollment for bachelor’s degree programs. One must regularly check this website or register using the absolutely free registration form that is made available after the conclusion of the article in order to receive the most recent information regarding the DU SOL Admission 2023 admission notification.

Is there any value of DU SOL Courses?

Every program that DU SOL offers has approval from the certifying body—the University Grants Commission, therefore, there is no question about the authenticity of the degree programs of this university.

One common question that hits the mind of aspiring students before aiming to Delhi University SOL, is whether the course curriculum and format of learning make students inferior in the queue of regular and online graduate students for professional chances. 

If this question is running through your head, your thinking is partially correct but not entirely correct. The SOL DU distance education degree is typically regarded as being on par with regular degree programs. Finding differences between the degrees earned through Delhi University’s regular and distance education is also pretty challenging.

Due to a similar level of weighting given to the distance education degree compared to the regular degree of any university, not just of its, Delhi University SOL eliminated any inappropriate behaviour and subpar related actions that may have occurred.

Which is better DU SOL or Regular?

The comparison between DU SOL and regular learning mode always gets made whenever aspiring students think of pursuing a program in these modes. Both modes, according to their nature and needs, stand terrifically for higher education in the capital of India.

We may argue that Delhi University in the regular mode performs better in terms of quality because of regular classes, but we cannot ignore the fact that the open learning mode of the university is also raising its bar quite handsomely on a continuous basis. 

To learn some differences between the DU SOL and regular, and get an idea of some extent about betterness, one can view the following table.

DU SOLDelhi University Regular
SOL DU offers one month of complementary education in the form of PCP classes.Regular education at Delhi University remains open for five days for admitted students.
The cost of SOL programs is proven to be cost-effective and time-saving.The fee for DU Regular Programs is twice as high compared to distance degree programs.
Students may rarely need to bear the expenses of travelling to the assigned campus for PCP and other significant services. PCP classes are also not mandatory.Regular travel, food, hostel, and other common fees are naturally required from admitted students in the Delhi University Regular Mode.

Advantages of Studying in DU SOL

If you are someone who is keen on higher education at the lowest cost possible and on a flexible schedule, then there is no better option, you may have in the national capital for some selective programs than DU SOL.

DU SOL is an ideal learning university for distance education because of many reasons that we are aiming to explore in this section below.

Updated Curriculum: DU SOL provides an impressive educational chance to students from all over the world to continue their education based on an updated and matching curriculum to regular mode in a distance education manner.

Affordable Education: The cost of the DU SOL is very affordable, permitting all prospective students to select the university and study higher with ease.

Flexibility of Learning: It is one of the best options for higher education for working professionals who may not have enough time to take time off and study on a regular basis.

Degree Value: SOL DU degree is absolutely equivalent to any other degree form in terms of acceptance in the higher academic and professional domains.


The article has covered almost all aspects of the DU SOL, particularly as far as the introduction is concerned. Readers who still desire to learn more, specifically about the SOL DU, may contact us. We are pretty easy to reach by only dropping mail or comments below this article. We are waiting to hear from you.

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